Dude said once:

“Communism didn’t work, millions of people died. We don’t know why it didn’t work, doesn’t matter, millions died, we should probably declare the experiment a failure.”

My take here is on the use of the word “work.” The use of that word betrays the real problem.

Managers in a capitalist corporation are also all about what “works.”

Men are all about “my wife is not happy and I don’t know what works, what should I do? Nothing seems to work!”

Parents: “my child doesn’t behave. nothing I do seems to work!”

Teachers in eyes-forward classroms: “nothing I do works!”

And yes, brutes in authoritarian, militaristic or fundamentalist-religious dictatorships or other kinds of autocratic, medieval socio-political systems that rule by fear, by torturing and killing one random person a day, are always wondering what “works”? Perhaps we should increase the public confessions and beheadings? Women now have to cover their entire bodies or be stoned to death? Cut the chocolate ration? Declare war on Eurasia or East Asia? Another parade perhaps? Or more funding to the political police? Who knows? Let’s try lots of things and “fail fast” maybe, have you read that great “Black Swan” book, it’s great?

See the pattern?

You take social control of a fucking war and production machine. A “state.” What does it fucking do? What does it fucking want? To wage war and to produce. What does the machine use? PEOPLE. It is fueled by the losers, the 99%. It elects the people who are going to make the decisions of using everybody else among the 100%, so the 1% more sociopathic are selected by the human-body-and-minds machine that the ignorance of the 100% about their own nature, combined with the powers that nature has granted them has manufactured.

The moment you are in “power” in a state machine, you have a fake society that was put in place by using oppression, fear and propaganda. Every “country” — Brazil, USA, Russia, China, India, any one of them — is a fake society put in place by control and use of its people. It is the oppression of the 1% over the 99% fueled by a 99.9999% diffusion of ignorance among all them.

The most sophisticated machine, the most sophisticated Matrix, is the Capitalist game and propaganda system. It is the smoothest one we have so far. And yet it is a giant steaming pile of shit, just like all the others.

Because NO propaganda story and game mechanics you throw on top of the assumption that people in general should be USED by some sort of organizational logic is going to “work.”

Cloud Atlas is a great movie. It is about how humans NEVER settle for being objectified. They do not want things “working” on them. People don’t want to be “worked.” They are not objects. They are not babies. They do not need daddy state or daddy pope or daddy CEO to “work” them into a functioning pseudo-social machinery. And in time they WILL detect ALL manipulation schemes, and they WILL escape them.

Have you really looked at managerial/executive spiels and material, the propaganda engine of “organization” in Capitalist corporations? It is nauseating. It is absolutely disgusting. No wonder all “Management and Human RESOURCES” (applied, manipulative psychological behaviorism) are secretive affairs in corporations. No wonder all that happens under wraps. Otherwise people in general could observe it, stare at it, discuss it and eventually dispel it. It would stop working as a technology faster than it already does — there would be need for “Change”(TM) much more often than it does in Capitalist corporations today (i.e. moving the bullshit story to a new one as soon as the water cooler starts to dispel it).

If you want a world of peace, of sustainability, of no violence, of no ecocide, of no accidental difficulty, of no stupidity, and also of material abundance way beyond what a machine of fear and of objectification and use of people can give you with none of the drawbacks, then you have to start with a plan for ditching the assumption of control.

“You” and no one actually will figure out “what works.” Because you will not treat people as some sort of problem. There is no need for management. There is no need for control. Because we are not children.

Charles Eisenstein got it right. Today’s global human society is a society coming of age. And we have to stop looking for daddy, because if you ask for daddy, he will appear. Daddy is on TV every day. Daddy is on your “job” “working” you.

Once you do this mental leap, you will realize that no thing “works.” The question is not “what works” but “who works.” And the answer is: everyone.

And THAT is what “Basic Income” is. And that is also what “socialism” is, what “communism” is, what “libertarianism” is, and what “anarchism” is. It is what people PROJECT in these labels when they stare from within the mental prisons they have grown in, the prisons where they have learned to be children and to be “worked.” That projection is the real thing, not the ideologies.

And that hope, that vision that we all carry, is that of a world run by the free responsible and forever-wise individual in communion.

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