Culture eats Society for breakfast

Capitalists have known for quite a while that their plans for driving and dominating their subordinates — their “strategy” — in their “business” ponzi-scheme oligarchic pyramids (their “companies”) is pushed back by something that the humans they manage to herd bring on board with them: their “cultural” drives.

“Culture” is the human drive to shape the social systems and social agreements around them. What looks like “right” and what looks like “wrong.” When you try to enslave a people, the first thing you have to do is try to suppress or erase their cultural manifestations so they don’t transmit to their children.

The little virtual “society” that capitalists want to create when they spawn a little feud is a small-scale pyramidal society of “employees.” A small Fascist virtual country, with The Dear Business Leader posters’ plastered on the wall, a class of surveillance-policemen (managers, HR, etc.), and a horde of compliant machine-like drones, dead inside, ready to obey and to absorb the “Society,” the systems, values and social order of the virtual fascist country.

However, these schemes are always fought back, because humans have an inner drive for rebellion. What humans do when seduced by and enslaved in these structures, is to create their own society within the Great Society pushed by the “Strategy” of its Leaders. Every Fascist (sorry, Capitalist) company has the “official strategy” or the way it’s “supposed to operate” as dictated by the Leadership, and the way it is actually supposed to operate, which is what the oppressed “employees” do on their own.

The employees decide by themselves how the company operates, what the social ties are, irrespective of “Team” and “Department” and “Job” boundaries set by the fascist bureaucracy. This is known as the “informal structure” of the company. And the “informal” structure is what actually drives most companies. It restores dignity and humanity to what would otherwise be a complete fascist situation, crushing the emotional and mental lives of those who’d “work” (slave away) under it. It is a way for employees to assert that the company is theirs, and if it should “legally” — in the outward oligarchy, in the real society that powers this virtual, private, little fascist society — be given to them, that it would continue to operate normally, as a cooperative.

Needless to say, the Great Leaders of a fascist (sorry, capitalist) company, “legally” licensed by the Great Leaders of the oligarchy in the outer society to oppress, watch and control, are not at all happy when they are not in control. It doesn’t matter if the company has to suffer in productivity, but the primary task of every “Executive” and their “Manager” minions is to always maximize and restore control. A company that works on its own is a communist cooperative, and it is an insult to the attempts of “Executives” and “Managers”, the Great Leaders of companies, that humans can actually live and work without their mandated Great Fascist Strategy! That they can create their own society out of their own culture!

No such nonsense! The core culture of Fascism, that dictates it social contract, its social strategy of control, is that all humans are lazy and worthless, and that a few humans should rule and control all to “civilized productivity” out of their privileged greed and lust for power and control. The culture of Fascism does not accept that the core cultural drive of all human cultures, irrespective of “country” it hails from, is the drive to assert that all humans are to be trusted, and that all humans want humanity as a whole to work out! That all humans have value, all humans can contribute something, and that Fascist controls are not needed; that we have other ways to check each other out and correct each others’ trajectories.

And so, Fascism does not like that its Strategy gets eaten for Breakfast. As it damn well should, for that is a natural process of healing of our society as a whole. Fascist Strategies should be eaten alive by “Culture,” by the human drive to, well, be human. The human drive to do what is actually right, without centralized controls by psychopaths.

And so it is in the outer oligarchies — the “Republics” — we all live in. The core cultural impulse of every sane human citizen is to create a society that is sane, such as an actual democracy, or sometimes described as a “small-a anarchy”, or a “left libertarian” society, or an Ecotopia, or Star Trek or Jacque Fresco or Zeitgeist Movement futurism, and the like. The cultural impulse of all sane and evolved humans is the impulse to reject the oligarchic “Republic”, the oligarchic “State” and their licensed Statist (Capitalist, Communist, whatever) industrial structures with Great Leaders that psychologically humiliate, manipulate, dehumanize, control what people do in their productive time, and how, when and if — never letting them forget that they are NOT in control, that the “market” and the “Managers” and the “Owners” and the State are in control of their productive capacity, not them. That they are cogs in a productive society, a working class — not owners, drivers of their society.

The natural human that has not been completely subjugated yet by the Oligarchic State’s classism and fascism, that will not take its “Strategy,” its “plans” for what their life will look like from cradle to grave, will want to create their own Strategy with their peers.

Human Culture eats the Fascist’s “Strategy” for breakfast, and the Fascists don’t like it one bit, and they want to burn it down, no matter the cost. Because if their Culture is not validated first, what good is it that there’s a Strategy operating that isn’t theirs, that is from the “bad useless humans” that are not enlightened by their Leadership psychopathy?

And so we end up living in a world where Fascist Culture also eats Human Strategy for breakfast, at all costs, even if people have to suffer and die in horrible ways for that Fascist Culture to assert its Fascist Strategy on all of us. And they do. But that won’t hold forever.

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