State of the Apocalypse 6/23/16
Cory Caplan

Hey dude, you seem to be wandering around Chapel Perilous a bit there. Fun place, for a while. Enjoy the sights, but tread carefully. Here’s some Robert Anton Wilson.

If you think you need to balance the high you’re getting from resonating with that in-group, here’s a bunch of free Charles Eisenstein e-books.

Yes the same families are at the top of society since the middle ages. That’s like newspaper news, literally. Yes, there’s 62 people who own half the “Money”(TM) game tokens circulating in the world today, and this whole social system was here before we were born. And as you have probably already realized, we are born without any real culture, without any real insight into the times before we were born. Our non-upper-class families are pretty much random and made of people who also have no clue of who they are and what shaped their culture and their thoughts as they grew up. They went to standard school to consume a standard program, watch TV and “go to work” every day and don’t question anything.

Yes, secrecy is bad, especially for the societies doing the secrecy themselves. Nothing with turn a social group into a rotting, out-of-touch zombie other than purposefully disconnecting from the social tissue. And zombies tend to do some random, bad shit, yes. You got this very right as far as I can see.

Absolutely do speak your mind, put it all out. Just take care.

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