There is a basic social behavior of humans to form groups inside groups.
Andrei Draganescu

I have witnessed it “second hand,” as I was growing up as the fascist military dictatorship in Brazil (‘64-’85) was just being retired. As I grew up, and always as a person attracted to and obsessed with “depth,” I could see how the art from the dictatorship period was richer and way more profound, and sung and spoke of much more than “boy loves girl drama ensues” with is about 95% of e.g. all copy-paste pop songs on the radio today. (This is not a secret; it is frequently debated in schools — at least the good ones).

And now as Brazil sinks back into a judicial dictatorship and an openly fascist police-state a la US, art is already starting to respond. It is getting better, and that is frightening, because last time, with the improved art, came the kidnappings, torture and murder by the state. I want the inane pop songs back.

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