Hey Fabiana Cecin,
Andrei Draganescu

I was thinking about it not more than 30 minutes ago. I summed up, made a synthesis of what I got of it … but I didn’t write it down :-)

I didn’t get your “mind grammar,” but I liked your concepts, the way you put out the whole thing, the “OO,” “coder” modeling of the mind — love it! I liked your Stages of AI and I think I get a bit of it. I understand what you mean by “spiral,” recursion. Your concept of the mental image of the recursive self, seeing itself in a mirror-mirroring-mirrors sense is similar to things I’ve read in Douglas Hofstadter’s books.

I sense that I somehow disagree with your concept of mastery. The master not only sees him “not knowing,” but he knows that he can’t ever “know.” He also knows he “can’t know,” whereas the ignorant has no insight on the uselessness of the quest to “come to know (everything).”

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