Fun with concepts: love
Andrei Draganescu

I’m done with the orchestra thing. I’d rather be with people who know they have much more in common than the human experience, first. People who seize life and beauty when they invite us — in the arena of so-called “relationships” or otherwise. People who care deeply about others, not because of mentally learned “moral” and social obligations, but because they connect to others and feel others. People who own their shit and don’t actively hide neither their “good” nor their “bad” behind other people or social games (both of which I’ve been very guilty of).

The Jazz Band is like the Startup. They look different than the Orchestra and the Corporation, but the former are just the latter in seed form. By being “man and woman first,” as something that’s “rebellious,” the seeds of suffering are already planted.

Job and Marriage are just legal contracts with consequences in a bureaucratic machine. The rest is all stuff we not only make up but that we animate and enforce ourselves with our inner fears.

Osho once said “relate to people but don’t get into relationships.” That took me a while to understand, and then to believe. Thanks, Orchestra.