I’ve been thinking of the blockchain movement for a while now, and while I like the underlying idea…
Cory Caplan

Oh, my friend! Your words bring literal tears to my eyes!

You are so sensitive and sensible! I can see that you see and feel so much!

I do believe we are guided by a “sense.” I call this our “hearts” (after Osho’s writings on the subject). It is an intelligence that flows through us. It is the “mental process” of the universe itself as a mind (see: Gregory Bateson, “Angels Fear” and his related works). “We” (the isolated humans each on their own) avoid bad outcomes when our little minds don’t get in the way of the larger mental process that we feel and sometimes allow, follow. This piece of wisdom is recurrent everywhere in “religious” and/or “spiritual” teachings.

The retreat of fear is the retreat into the “logic” that is clear to a single human mind: the symbolism that happens to be running locally, near the consciousness of that body. Fascists everywhere are full of “facts” and of “reason.” They will string up and shout kilometers of words and of “reasoning” that loops around in their brains… while oblivious to the disconnect of that web of reasoning from the web of reasoning that includes the outer “minds,” the minds that encompass them. The separate self (got vid from here). Whereas all the sensitive, sensible people will speak with the voice of the heart: the gentle voice, the voice that waits, the voice that translates what they see through their feeling of the larger, more intelligent process that surrounds them.

As a society we are being sucked up by an accelerating technological process. As individuals, we are still the same stupid monkeys that we were 10,000+ years ago. Little has changed. We will still be able to live lives that resemble human animal life, with feeling bodies, for some time to come. Also, I believe humanity will self-destruct before we manage to turn ourselves into literal machine-monsters, so I am not too worried about that outcome. But that’s just a guess (or hope) of mine.

I have some writings here on Medium on economics, monetary games and the “blockchain technology.” The main distinction I’d make for starters is that “blockchains” are game engines. The actual games they run can be either dystopian or utopian. I have written an utopian, democratic ruleset in my Bitcoin fork, Infinitum (nobody runs or uses it, so don’t bother). Infinitum is a “blockchain” network modeled after abundance and gifting — contrary to the fundamental cultural assumption behind almost all of the thousands of crypto-currency games created atop the blockchain engine so far: the ideologies of value through “scarcity.”

I have essentially given up on implementing an Universal Basic Income solely atop “blockchains.” My next project, http://democratic.money , will be a simulation of the Universal Basic Income solution in the original article you replied to. It will run on a single server for now, just so I can validate the social network component. After that, I’ll figure out how to distribute it among a few tens of servers run by cooperating organizations.

As for being “swept away in emotion…” that is correct, yes. That mystery, that contradiction — do emotions guide us or lead us astray? — I dare not yet write about… But you are right, I believe.

Or something! What do I know really? Haha!

Take care!

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