On My “Reading” of Slavoj Žižek
Martin Rezny

Osho once said, “enlightened” people yell “Fire!” when there’s no fire, just to get people out of the house. There was no fire, it was bullshit, but it doesn’t matter because at least people can see the outside for themselves, and then they can perhaps forgive the “prank” later…

I read your piece as thus: not every use of words is to construct reusable models, explanations, etc. At a lower level, the mere parsing of words produced by others can have effects. This can be used for good and bad, and perhaps that’s what propaganda is: the evil twin of psycho-“analysis,” where the point is not to benevolently poke someone from creative, unpredictable angles so they reveal their thought processes to themselves, but to infiltrate and modify, and then conceal and alienate their thought processes from them, just like malware infiltrates computer systems today…

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