Read Heather Marsh

Follow her, and read everything she has ever written. She is publishing a ton of her work here, for free. Go read it and then recommend it so more people will be able to find her work. Learn from it. Think about it. Discuss it with others. Share it widely.

She is a gifted writer, a brave, relentless, on-the-ground activist and a literal genius. Go read her work, whose topic is, well, “everything.” Her work will tell you everything you need to know about the art and science of tending to the health of this human society, which is the most broken thing today.

Stop wasting time reading the lowest-common-denominator “popular” shit that floats to the surface here. You don’t need to know any more lists of thirty seven ways to more efficiently succeed at the harsh truth of what sucking the dick of your rich white state-corporate oligarchs is really about. Purge that shit out of your reading list. Learn to occupy your intellectual appetite with the good stuff. Start with her work: it is the best start you could ever hope for.

The world is on fire. You know it: you have been all “This 2016, LOL” since June. So, what about being able to See the Matrix of this trash fire, to model it more accurately to what it really is? You want to navigate the flames of a world on fire, but you can’t even see where the flames are. You live in a fantasy, propaganda world-view, that offers you fake propaganda signs, “Look Out, Fire!,” and they point to plastic flame signs on sticks. If you don’t want to stop being a political tool just because of how inherently pathetic that is, then at least do something to address your fear of being burned alive by the actual spreading trash fire that is consuming this global society.

So, start with the basics: stop wallowing in intellectual fast-food, and read what challenges your self-censor — that thing in your brain that makes you feel bad whenever you have thoughts that threaten the social system you have been indoctrinated into. So, valiantly read, study, ponder her work, and cut through the resistance that is in your mind. Press forward, and watch in awe as you manage to win your first battle as a revolutionary fighter: the fight for the sovereignty of your own mind.

You want the world to change? You want to defy and defeat power? Start by understanding what the world is really about and, in the process, defeating the oppressive power that has been installed in your own mind. You will win precisely zero battles against the “outer” The Man if you don’t address the Trojan horse of The Man that is already operating inside your own body.

And then, when you manage to free your own mind from the self-censor of power, and when you again speak your mind, you will be surprised with what comes out. It will be powerful, sharp, defiant, unafraid, unapologetic, destructive and yet loving, caring, vulnerable, imperfect, inviting and co-creative. You had all that in you all the time. You were not a stupid, empty little drone after all. You are, and always were, fully intelligent, alive.

Her writing will greatly help you to get out of your mental prison. It is a gift. Take it. And then share it. So that someday we will be able to be a society that has the power to get our loved brethren out of their physical prisons.

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