Slightly patched-up shitty scraps from a dark, shitty unpublished text

The human being is the most sophisticated expression of universal consciousness, of the phenomenon of life that we know of. It is a special pathway, in some way, for the Luminous Ground to shine for living patterns, for the living unfolding of the whole to witness. Its capacity to feel, to sense, and to suffer, is sacred and has to be respected, and is an integral part of the human mission of ward and guide to all other living beings that unfold on Earth — be them sentient, feeling or suffering, or not.

However, the human being ends up as also the most Valuable intelligent component in the universe. It can be used as more than a mere Resource (although sometimes they are literally so, e.g. used as objects, substance-generators or just scraped for parts) but a natural, super-intelligent and super-adaptable Robot. A single human being, if seen in that light, is a piece of hardware that you cannot build, no matter how many Dollars you have to Spend. Instead, you raise it and it multiplies! Just like cattle! Caput, heads of cattle — Capital. Free-range, self-growing, self-generating, Robots, free Capital for the taking, if we can herd them, control them and harness them!

Somehow, we ended in a World of Trade, with all that implies, such as a perpetual state of war, fear and insecurity. Trade Society is just not a good idea, at all. No, really, it isn’t. Maybe it is great for stupid games with “victory” conditions. But real human life on this planet, in this universe, at the direct human experience we all share and that you are experiencing right now as you wonder what you’ll have for your next meal, is no idle gaming matter. Unless you like perpetual war, fear and insecurity, in which case you will ascend the ranks very quickly in that antisocial society.

Class systems and hierarchies of exploitation are based on psychological — mental and emotional — manipulation. And there’s a 99.9% chance that, whatever you find yourself doing to fight oppression, that you’re underestimating the depth and quality of the layers of entanglement that a truly world-class, ancient, massive manipulation machine assembled and evolved for centuries before you were born possesses, and that therefore you are playing within its projected bounds.

So here we are. We, simple humans, are born to an emergent “Matrix” mechanism-organism we don’t see with our minds, our language, our society. And everything we do, be just ignoring it or fighting it, seems to play into it. Everybody seems to be just some sort of pawn into someone else’s (Trade, Power) game, with no end in sight to the recursion.

We are all part of an human oneness, which is itself enclosed in a “wholeness” of unfathomable but immediate depth. The “evil mechanistic people” that “rule the world” are just our diseased brethren. Their disease is simply bypassing the natural order of living, which is what you will also do if you try to reason your way into a life that could “help.” Everything is reachable through a living-first approach, including the reasonable use of mind, but life is not reachable through a control-first, fear-first approach.

Software, such as the one in our brains, can do really interesting things really fast with very little. The so-called Matrix spreads as people relinquish living and escape into mind to solve the problem of the Matrix, but in doing so, they replicate the Matrix. The Matrix is, at a fundamental level, a disease of the whole human being, a meta-mental disease that makes the human being shift an unhealthy and unwarranted amount of “attention” and “energy” to its mind organ, forgetting to let go and live into the many things that can help, including a wholesome use of the brain.

Don’t reason your way into living. Live, and you’ll eventually find yourself, alive, waltzing nearby the patterns of so-called reason. Live the life you are living right now. Live the sufficiently difficult life of commanding, of somehow being a pulsating, socially-connected trillion-cell organism. Live in real, instead of mental, time and space. Fight the fights you are already fighting for your life and for the life of the real, specific existing people you love and care about.

But as you fight these fights, don’t escape into the mind, because you’re not escaping the enemy but rushing into his arms. Your mind is your military and you really don’t want to put that crazy fuck in actual charge of your self.