Dancing Under a Shit Star
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Those who shut off and hide as you describe just leave social/cultural dirt for others to clean up.

But on the other hand, the only reason e.g. I, out of sheer luck, can write and think and eat and have clothes etc is due to a global ponzi slavery scheme fueled by war and death that’s silently implemented by those who shut off and “work” at that planet-eating machine. Now *that’s* fucking depressing.

We all do our best, we’re born as a part of “it,” not the planet destroying machine that’s part of “it.” Our selves are limited and fragile and need copious amounts of love and care from each other.

Mental or physical struggle, for as long as we have to, until perhaps we don’t as much?

No alternative but to keep connected, keep feeling and keep going…