Political Revolution is About Waking Up
Joe Brewer

Voting in a political circus is an act to be itself objectified even as you perform it. Voting in a system of choosing between e.g. the lesser of two evils does not, objectively, validate the system. Objectively, it merely validates your care about collapsed outcomes in physical reality independent of the validity of the pointer stories that can be chased to model that reality.

Subjectively, you can decide, as an autonomous being, that voting in an e.g. Lo2E oppression system does validate it. I.e., in the minds of people. So you may refrain from voting. In an oppressive system there are no wrong choices for the oppressed. The people who tell you that you are an idiot for (Voting || Not Voting) are both acting like idiots, objectively (though you may subjectively, out of compassion, decide that they are not).

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