What matters is that we love

What we do doesn’t matter.

We created a society where people are constantly worried about what they should be doing.

As someone wise has already pointed out, this contemporary human world has an extreme excess of doing in it. That excess doing is part of the crisis.

The culture of this industrial trade society has created a deep psychological bond between a person’s identity and their “output” in terms of Things. Acts, creations, jobs, achievements, labors, objects, concepts, stories… when we cease doing things, we feel as if our existence is threatened. It is as if we start to become socially invisible to ourselves.

But this inner restlessness is false. The reason we bother doing anything at all is so that we can enhance our exercise, our sheer enjoyment of love. Of being here, with ourselves and others, at ease. The end purpose of all activity is not more activity. It is contemplation, enjoyment, fulfillment of mere presence, the witnessing of the passive radiance of beings present to themselves and to others, the absorption of the warmth of the inner and outer suns, by our skins and by our hearts.

A doing without suffering is possible, but only if your doing serves the right master, which is love. If you are a love that does things, all your doing will be literally an act of love. But if you rush to do things and you are no longer in touch with the reason and the timing for why and when all things are to be done, you will find yourself perhaps in anguish, uncertainty, uneasiness.

Naturally, that agitation reaches its peak. And you can no longer sustain the stress of pushing love, peace, silence away. And you inevitably remember how to let go, how to fall silent again. And if you are tired enough, you don’t fight it. And it arrives.

Our lives are gifts of existence. There is no debt, no mission, no task, no judgment.

How easily we forget all this. But in our darkest hours, we always remember.

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