My human blind spot
Andrei Draganescu

Yesterday I was having dinner with my girlfriend, and I recounted a story of the Buddha wherein he meets a killer that’s looking for his 1,000th victim. The Buddha says he can cut off his head since it has been cut off a long time ago anyways (or was that from the Dionysus story?) and cuts off a tree branch and says essentially: see, it’s easy to cut off, now try to peg it back in, you can’t, or can you asshole, hahaha, or something like that, and the killer kneels and offers a blowjob as spiritual tuition or something.

Anyway, I said, I think, the same you just wrote, that I know we’re immortal anyways (duh), in the sense of wholeness, not necessarily in the floaty ghost or mental matrix or whatever sense, so that’s why he doesn’t fear death, right? She said something to the effect that, no, the reason he doesn’t fear death is because it doesn’t matter, we all die, he’s already dead. When she said it, I looked into her eyes, and I could catch a glimpse of this, and feel the burden be temporarily lessened, joy increased, and I was speechless, and I looked into her eyes for a minute or so, and I smiled with my “aha!” face, and she smiled, and we chuckled, and it had that taste of meditation.

Both her explanation and mine had the same “his head is already cut off,” but the glimpse I had was an even freer, truer definition of that. One that does not rely on immortality, on a project of any sort at any scale, individual or social. My ego attachment to what you also refer to — my worth, my share of the evolutionary process that, as you say, I don’t even control — was also gone for a moment. And that feeling was great, because as we drop the burden, nothing changes but the burden. We’re still here and all that you describe is already going to happen, including our witnessing from the inside of a blob of meat on a floating rock, contributing to an obviously eternal symphony of some sort.

Second thing, technology.

I will put it really bluntly. I thank you for the opportunity to help me say how fucking tired, tired, of the false dichotomy between a just, humane, empathic, sacred-based, non-stupid, non-sociopath-based society and so-called “technology,” or the evermore intelligent LEGOing of symbolic and material blocks, of our better play with stuff. Our society took a terrible psychological shortcut towards technology. The only point that shortcut could ever have had, to me, was to reveal the possibility of technology and how important and inevitable that process is, so we better start with what we have — a society of dumb apes that are easily hypnotized by their own social language by anyone hurt or broken enough to be intellectually dishonest enough to spot the easy mental loopholes in all of us and use it to rise in “power” and social rank, and wreak havoc. Hence the hierarchical “State,” and a terrible, horrible advance of “technology” at a huge experiential cost in human terms. Do I need to elaborate the dominant scale of that tragedy? I hope not. I’m not even arguing here; the necessary burden, to demonstrate the need to turn this into an argument is massive.

We were supposed to quickly, hurriedly discard that entire social stack based on a paradigm of Separation and dumb hierarchical apes high on “language” — and as a result unaware that they aren’t language itself, but a thing that is supposed to be able to step back from language and just see from time to time — that we created to slap, shock or jump-start us into the inevitable “Techne,” in a manner that the way this technological possibility was revealed to us was a way that wasn’t the absolute worst, and it was a pain that we had to endure. If so, fine. I accept that it’s all past and that it has already happened.

But, as of now we have already seen two things.

One, to play with concepts and matter — “tech”— yields exponential returns in quality of life, meaning this world has no Earthly/spiritual choice to be made; it’s false, bullshit that sociopaths use to lazily extract value from sheep. Heaven is here in very concrete terms, in latent form. We can see it through the diseased, broken, defective, violent, obtuse tech we produce. Though it is inelegant and brutish, the latent power of play with stuff is revealed to us, and that is sufficient for now. We needed the confirmation, so we could shoo all the idiots who wanted to chain us to ill-intentioned superstition, to primitive domination based on tabooing the play with stuff.

Two, we have to stop playing this fear-based, sociopath-based, war-based, scarcity-based social game right the fuck now and evolve socially, even at the cost of any-sized setback in immediate technological production and execution. We have tons of blueprints already, and we just have to etch in our culture, in our education, the primacy, the teaching of the possibility of technology so we don’t forget how important and magical it is, at the same time that we completely abolish all the fucking medieval social systems and structures that use fear and oppression (i.e. “class-based” systems, social hierarchy) to “make sure” that the “tech” is being produced on time and for everyone in a population that’s also ballooning because of mass fear and insecurity.

If we put these two things together, we realize that we have to transcend, internally detach from fear-based class society, wage slavery, resource wars, manufactured poverty etc. immediately! There’s no reason not to!

We can and will let go of Corporate State Society to free every single person from its needless, stupid, oppressive footprint. And we have to do so without fearing what happens to the technology-producing machine, because we have already paid big prices in civilizational terms, and the concrete price of cold-swapping the social layer is going to be unbelievably cheap to pay if we are not incredibly dumb about how we go about it, if we don’t panic while doing it (and NO I don’t know how to pull that off; I don’t know how to deal with mass psychosis at global scale). As we will quickly rebuild a non-mechanistic society, with a “capitalist communist socialist anarchic libertarian religious technocratic private-property commons-based government with both laws and freedom from laws, with local and global reach, resilience and fragility at the right spots, technology and sustainability, abundance and no waste, speed and depth, simplicity and complexity, empathy and play, and morality and ethics” — ALL of it, satisfying whatever is good in all schools of thought beyond what they can even wish for in the words they have. That society will provide us, quickly, eventually, with all the technological artifacts we’ll need for the next million years, as that new humane society that is discontinuous with past societies learns and evolves.

We will just have to trust that new society, and wait, knowing in our books, in our culture, that once we were there — we had Humvees and lightbulbs (designed to break in two months of use) and other shit, and as we return to that plateau we will be blasting through it. And we will do so without depending on a fantasy of death that is the “Singularity” movement which, while touting its goal of “defeating death” is actually craving for it. The “Singularity” is the last profoundly diseased cultural story produced by a dying cultural shell that we are not willing to let go. It is a massive eschewing of responsibility of a culture that is not willing to admit that it is diseased and that it has to die and make way for the new. It is a culture that, instead, wants to convince us that the death of the planetary habitat, that it is causing, is fine, and that we just have to double down, triple down, ad infinitum, and the technological nerd rapture will prove, in the end, that the habitat was just a stepping stone, a fuel to be burned. That the radioactive wasteland we leave this rock in is a price to pay for the ignition of our massive rocket towards transcendental infinity. The typical Corporate answer to any questioning: you are an idiot; if you really knew, if you were really rooted in (Crackpot) Reality as I am, you’d see it doesn’t matter in the end. Evolution isn’t supposed to infinite and shit? This culture IS evolution itself, it IS society and reality itself, so it is okay for me to just Keep Going! Shut Up I Know What I’m Doing I Have “Billions” I Tell You. BILLIONS! MY PRECIOUSSSS “BILLIONS!” (and then boom, and silence)

If we don’t put that fantasy on the couch, analyze it, realize how diseased it is and toss it aside, it will be quite possibly the requiem of this wavering of the divine on this particular rock, in this particular universe.

Fuck the Singularity and the Tech Industry. Fuck all fragmentary schools of political thought, fuck all “Sciences” and “Religions” that can’t see how bound to cultural dogma they are. Instead, hack this shit and take a solid step that reveals deep social wisdom. Pay a fucking Basic Income today, and see how everything will remain in place but still mass fear slowly dissolves. There are no dead ends; there’s always a door. A simple door, with no acrobatics required, with no need to “destroy” or “revolutionize” anything. The door is unlocked, right in front of us. Will we enter it?

Or not. Whatever. It was fun typing this shit.

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