Humans are not actually "conscious". That would require us to perfectly critique every idea as it arrives for recording and integration in our minds.

Intelligence is an illusion: just another unintelligent story we tell ourselves; a meta-story that allows us to drown even deeper into bad ideas while signifying them as good ideas.

Our brains have a "software" formative phase, an "education" phase. Without the actual proper education that it requires, we get lost; we turn into a cancer. We then go insane, put crowns in people's heads, build boats, and we "conquer" lands.

The education phase must teach that…

Its design, and a rationale for that design

Crypto UBI

Crypto UBI is the application of blockchain technology to implement Universal Basic Income (UBI) systems through cryptocurrencies.

An example of a great Crypto UBI system is GoodDollar, which is originally and presently backed by eToro. GoodDollar grants an income of G$, which is a cryptocurrency backed by “real money” income generated by interest in funds invested in GoodDollar’s “DeFi” mechanisms.

Now, consider that if the GoodDollar design and project works as intended, we would have a global UBI fund, similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund, but for the entire world. That fund…

How Cartesi’s Descartes SDK came to be, and where to go from here

Cartesi’s Descartes SDK, just launched, is the first software development kit for DApps that exposes Cartesi’s core technology through a programming interface that DApp developers will find easy to use. With Descartes, DApp developers can quickly and easily understand what it means to augment their Ethereum contracts with gas-free, unlimited, unmetered, and Linux-based off-chain functions.

Cartesi’s journey, culminating so far in this landmark software release, has been a most interesting one. This article tells a story (from my particular point of view) of how the Descartes SDK…

Completely wrapping, hiding, and re-exporting the Ethereum engine

The Ethereum network will never have governance to even solve the most basic user needs, such as e.g. retrieving a user’s funds which have been misdirected to an invalid address. Not even completely decentralized and automatic governance.

Also, Ethereum will, soon enough, replace Bitcoin and become the #1 digital asset in the world. That is because Ethereum will be the most legitimate peer-to-peer blockchain.

The abstract tokenomics of ETH are exactly the same as those of BTC, i.e. there’s a limited amount of them. However, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum will be an actually-sound…

Decentralized, governance-free solution to a subset of “misdirected funds” problems


This guy lost 40 ETH (~$8,000) because his hardware flipped one bit in the receiving address and his wallet did not enforce receiving address checksums.

But was it really a mistake?

In theory, however, this could be an elaborate scam, as follows. The user might have paid 40 ETH for some service to a wallet that has been created to receive those funds. The user has consumed the service. …

A Testimonial by: Fabiana Cecin, PhD

Trailblazing the rebirth of peer-to-peer computing as Decentralized Applications.


My name is Fabiana, and I have been recently hired as a Software Engineer for the Cartesi Team. I hold a Computer Science PhD in Distributed Systems, having specialized in cheat-proofing massively-multiplayer online games. I joined Cartesi in December 2019 and, at the time of this writing, I have been in the company for 45 days.

Let me tell you, what a ride it has been so far! I have learned so many new things. …

One coin per day, per person, forever. Used by whom, and backed by whom?

A few years ago, the Universal Basic Income movement discovered “Crypto.” Since then, we have been trying to think about how we could use the technology and the social phenomenon of crypto-currencies to help bring the ideal of an Universal Basic Income to fruition, and finally have UBI implemented, actively helping bring our planetary human society together, dropping wars and achieving something resembling “World Peace.”

To get to crypto and to the Dailycoin story, I have to go through some basics first. I’m going to go…

The first Cartesi-powered Decentralized Application

What is Creepts?

Creepts is the world’s first decentralized tower defense tournament game. It is built on top of Cartesi’s Layer 2 solution for blockchains, which is available as an open-source software stack that is under active development. Currently, Creepts is playable on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet.

The Creepts game welcome screen.

In Creepts, players compete against each other to see who can claim the highest score in a fully-featured, real-time, browser-based Tower Defense game map. Players join a tournament by committing their high-scores and game moves to the blockchain, at a negligible cost. …

My current strategy

Everything good we do, inside and outside of our selves, improves the world.

The world improves when people’s lives are improved. They are often improved when, for instance, they have access to the basic necessities that human life demands — both material and intangible necessities.

Improving people’s lives improves all life, because we, the people of Earth, are its caregivers. We must be okay so we can take care of ourselves and of the rest of life around here. When we are not okay, we do the opposite: we destroy ourselves and the rest of life. …

If you visit, you will notice that cryptocurrency culture classifies cryptocurrencies in two main categories: “Coin” and “Token.”

Those usually behave identically in terms of token supply and can both be traded freely. Either they both have a fixed token supply, or have some low inflationary mechanism that’s irrelevant.

The categories are defined as thus:

  • A “Coin” has no use.
  • A “Token” has use.

And “Coin” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV usually boom while “Token” cryptocurrencies reach some level and stay there until there is news about their uses or the business model attached to…

Fabiana Cecin

Why is not absolutely everybody talking about Basic Income?

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