Your Voice Can Change the Conversation
Penny Pritzker

Thank you for encouraging comments. I view govt at all levels as participating in “policy” but we never get to know which policies are productive, efficient, effective, or strategic. Policies are always designed behind closed doors, & when the public is asked to participate, the key decisions have already been made & so it all becomes a formality. It’s no wonder that civic participation is down & trust in govt is very low.

If I tried to ask about transparency or accountability vis-a-vis economic public policy, I might as well be in a dark room.

I also see too many govt programs, projects, innovations, initiatives, & plans to assist the private sector, when it’s the private sector which is supposed to lead the way, at least in a healthy capitalistic system. When do we have too much govt subsidizing the private sector? Everyone seems to assume that govt can grow at any rate to do anything to assist the private sector, but we never see how effective govt is on the public side of the equation.

Govt also spends a lot of time, resources, and effort to “create” jobs for our economy, but isn’t this the job of the Chambers of Commerce? Govt should be focusing primarily in raising standards of living & quality of life outcomes, in real, structural terms, in partnership with the private sector. When do we ever see anything about these partnerships, where we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses? Never.

I’ve wkd in the CED field over 20 yrs, from San Antonio; I have many other “insights”, but I’ll stop here.

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