NFT Collection & New Listings!

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3 min readNov 30, 2021

A quick $fcf update…

A lot has happened in a short amount of time! The NFT artwork is being released, two more exchange listings have been scheduled, and FCF Pay is continually being developed.

Let’s take these one at a time…

FrenchFellas NFT Collection

The FCF NFT collection, properly named “FrenchFellas,” is a fun and interesting addition to the FCF ecosystem. The initial release will consist of 2,000 hand drawn French bulldogs with different attributes and rarities. The collection consists of 10 legendary and 1,990 rare/common NFT’s. 1,900 of these will be male with only 100 being female.

As a contribution to the FCF ecosystem, there will be a royalty fee of 5% for each NFT transaction. A portion of this goes into both the FCF LP pool and FCF dividend pool — thereby providing $FCF holders with a ROI on every NFT transaction.

Here is a sneak peek!

The legendary NFT’s are more than a pretty picture, and they are worth more than whatever one is willing to pay on the marketplace. If you manage to mint one of the legendary NFT’s, you will win $2,500 USD. If you mint the rarest of rares — GOTTI — you will be winning $10,000 USD!

What makes Gotti so special?

Well, Gotti is a real French bulldog. More specifically, Gotti is John’s French bulldog and John is the CEO of FCF! So, if you mint Gotti, not only will you win $10k, but you will have John offering you a treasure trove so he can have his beloved King Gotti NFT.

Because there are only 100 female NFT’s out of 2,000, they are also rare, and for good reason. Female NFT’s allow you to mate with male NFT’s to produce Baby Frenchie’s in the 2nd collection.

The NFT’s will be released in the coming weeks. If you would like to get a spot on the whitelist so that you can mint some FrenchFellas of your own, make your way over to our Discord server and follow the instructions.

Two New Exchange Listings!

In addition to the gorgeous and profitable NFT collection, FCF has also been working on new exchange listings.

  1. FCF will be listed on Coinsbit and trading will open on December 1st, 2021.
  2. FCF will be listed on BitMart and trading will open sometime during the third week of December, 2021. (Stay tuned for the specific time/day.)

Of course, FCF is available to trade right now through LBank, Hotbit, and PancakeSwap.


The FCF Payment gateway is continuing to be developed, and is on schedule for an end of year beta testing. A large number of e-commerce websites/merchants have applied for beta testing, and a handful of them have been selected.

Once beta testing is complete, the payment gateway will be publicly launched. We expect this to occur sometime during the beginning of 2022.

That seems like enough good news for one day. If you have any questions that you would like answered, or if there is anything specific that you would like me to cover in future articles, leave me a comment below!

And as always, you are invited to join the FCF community by following our Twitter, joining our Telegram, or visiting our website.

Written by Jacob Bell



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