Affordable Super Visa Medical Insurance

Super Visa Insurance Canada

Super visa insurance Canada is one of the key documents required by the Canadian authorities from grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. For a long time, it was very difficult for families separated by territorial boundaries to unite due to immigration restrictions but with a release of Super Visas, families can unite after years of separation.

Super Visa

A Canadian Super Visa is a document issued by the immigration ministry and allows the holder to stay in the country for two years at most per visit. The document is valid for a period of ten years and on expiration, it can be renewed again. A Super Visa is different from a normal visitor’s visa for some reasons.

Single Application

Once a Super Visa is granted to an applicant, the holder can enter into Canada at any time without having to reapply for another visa like is required for visitors.

Longer stay

A Super Visa holder can stay in the country for not more than two years at once unlike the six months stay given to the holders of visitor visas.

Application Requirement

According to Canadian Law, the main criteria for applying for a Super Visa is a Medical Insurance certificate issued by a Canadian insurance company. As at the time of applying for the Super Visa, the insurance policy must be active and provide the insured a cover of at least $100,000. This requirement was borne out of the fact that Canadian citizens bore the brunt of the health cost of visitors coming into the country. To protect them from such negative externalities, the authorities recommended and implemented this measure The Super Visa insurance Canada provides cover to visitors should they fall ill while in the country. Having this coverage can save the holder a lot of money on medical bills.

There are many insurance companies in Canada today selling Super Visa insurance to intending visitors. These insurance companies offer different policy features to customers, so before you buy a policy, take your time to go through quite a few of them to enable you pick one that satisfy your need. During the application process, you will have to fill the application form. Take your time so you don’t make any mistakes. The medical insurance covers hospital treatments, X-rays, medical consultancies and surgeries among other benefits.

A Super Visa Insurance Canada can be bought online from any of Canada’s indigenous insurance companies. Super Visa applicants are expected to submit the policy certificates along with their visa application forms. The process of applying for a Super Visa is fast and easy and what’s more, it is safe. If your visa application is denied, the premium paid will be refunded to you by the insurance company. If you have any questions or difficulties associated with the process you can contact your Life Insurance Instant Online Quote broker or travel agent for guidance. With their help you can complete the registration in no time.