What is ailing our beloved team?

What is ailing our beloved FC Goa team? This is a question that is on everybody lips. From a tiny little five year old to the grown up mature Goans athat follow football all their life. So i spoke to a few of them at the last game and there was a wide divide of opinion. Some of them or rather a majority of them blamed the new owners, some blamed the coach for his tactics and some went on to blame the playesr itself.

I was surprised to get opinions on the Goan players and the fact that the fans have pin pointed our Goan heroes of the last two seasons Mandar rao Dessai and Romeo Fernandes for the state of affairs we are in. A couple of fans were of the opinion that Mandar and Romeo have given up on the team. Their claim: Mandar and Romeo are Dempo loyalists. They will not return to the team next season. But would the Goan boys hamper their prospects for aplace in the Indian National Team?

Next up was the tactics of our coach, Zico. The Goans welcomed him in 2014, worshiped him in 2015 and are not turning their backs on Zico. The one person that came back to the team inspite of all the mess the previous owners created in the finals of the 2015 edition of the ISL. Zico is a coach of high caliber and can take the club to great hights. What he needs is the right resources and the players to be picked by him and not Beto ‘The Super Agent’ apparently. Zico is a master tactician and can still take the team to the top four. With the league not firing up and teams playing out goalless draws FC Goa still have a chance to make it to the top four.

And finally coming up to the owners critisism. What is the problem with Goans not being happy about the new owners? Does it mention somewhere in the league or football rules around the world that a particular team should be owned only buy a person born and brought up from that region/state? Let’s take a look at the English Premier League as an example. I’m going to start with my fav team Chelsea. Who owns Chelsea? Roman Abramovich, a russian businessman. Manchester United are owned by americans, Arsenal american owners, Manchester City are owned by a UAE based group of owners. Now lets take a look at the Indian Super League shall we? Kerala Blasters is co-owned by Sachin Tendulkar, is he a keralite? northeast united FC owned by John Abraham, is he born and brought up anywhere in the northeast? Infact John Abraham should own Kerala Blasters as he was born in Kochi. But no we have a problem with FC Goa and it’s owners. What is needed is for the fans in Goa to back the team. It does not matter if the team is owned by Goans or not.

So what is ailing the team? it’s a combination of bad signings, disinterested fans and the fact that he Goans players are not performing. things to change and change is for the better always.