Photo by me: @fcgottardello

A change is an obligatory turn, something that shapes and shifts the path that we had portrayed on our minds.

Every change, for the worse that it might look, presents itself as opportunity to be good, if you can look at it from the right perspective. It’s scary because we fail to see clearly what might happen after it, this is called fear, and fear doesn’t exist. …

It started after an anxiety attack.

As one of the parts of a job that I had, I was running an Instagram account, creating photo and video content and interacting with people daily. I loved what I was doing and I also love a good challenge, I had clear goals and was working daily in order to achieve them. I didn’t realize it back then, but I was working 24 hours a day.

Because even though my work hours were over, I’d still had the instagram logged in and I would check every five minutes.

It was working great, me…

Felipe Caplan Gottardello

non ducor, duco

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