About me

My name is Frank Cipollone. I am a senior Computer Science major at the University of Notre Dame. I am interested in particular in neural networks and other interesting machine learning techniques. I study Computer Science because I like problem solving and I am very interested in technology. This blog is going to hold all of my responses to ethics questions throughout the semester, for my Ethics class. I hope to gain an understanding of some of the biggest ethical questions currently faced in the field of Computer Science.

Throughout the recent decades, technology has become more pervasive and more complex. Many ethical dilemmas have arisen from these changes. The pervasiveness of technology has brought questions about privacy to the forefront of society. How much privacy should an individual have? How much privacy should be sacrificed in an attempt to make the world safer? Should governments be allowed to oversee communication between users of the internet? The extent to which technology has developed has brought even more interesting questions to light. How far should artificial intelligence be allowed to go? What kind of things should be left up to algorithms. What number of deaths per year should be allowed with self driving cars?

I am excited to discuss these and other questions throughout the semester, and to post my responses on this blog.