What the F*CK is FCK?

FCK is a decentralized game platform based on the blockchain technology, with fairness, equality, transparency, openness and complete anonymousness. We have gone live various blockchain games written on Ethereum smart contract for global players. By utilizing the blockchain technology, the games rules could be utterly fair, players’ returns could be automatically distributed, players’ complete privacy could be protected, and every transaction is traceable. FCK platform and every game on it currently supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian and Korean, 5 language versions to achieve the best user experience for global players.

FCK team has been a pioneer on blockchain technology, our games will be available not only on Ethereum, but also on EOS, BCH, Algorand, Skycoin and various public blockchains in the future. We design games base on different characteristics of each public blockchain, to meet different demands from our players. Meanwhile, FCK made profound and comprehensive research on the safety and efficiency problems of blockchain. We make sure that our team master the latest industry information and technology ideas, by frequent and deep online engagements in communities, and attend events in all kinds of formats. Our vision is to build a fast, stable, reliable and forever-lasting decentralized game platform, enable players from any country to play games such as predictions and sweepstakes, etc., anytime, anywhere, and without restrictions. They will truly witness and experience the revolution brought by blockchain technology and crypto currency.

We believe in the core concept of blockchain, that the distributed ledger and smart contract technologies will build the trust between humans, eliminate trade barriers, and improve transaction efficiency, profoundly influence the real economy. In the centralized world, there is always possibilities of so-called black-box operation, players never really control the result of the games. Until we have blockchain, which we call it trust machine, means you don’t have to decide if the ruler makers is being fair or not. Because the blockchain will make sure that they can’t cheat, forge, or betray the contract event if they want to. That’s why we could design our games with fairness, equality, transparency, openness and complete anonymousness. To make the result of the games only decided by your strategy, timing, luck and effort.

We are a small but powerful team, our team members are senior engineers from A-list internet companies, marketing experts and experienced support staff, with global vision, diverse culture background and language skills, most importantly show great interest and enthusiasm toward blockchain games.

We have three types of games:

1. Classic blockchain games.

2. Self-development games base on one specific public blockchain or token.

3. Customized games for token of our partners.

FCK fund is existed to better distribute, utilize the income of FCK, save enough funds for the sustainable running of platform, meanwhile to reward the team properly, and constantly introducing talents on engineering or marketing to the team. Apart from that, large amount of marketing budget will be spent on the promotion of platform and each game. Because only by continuous promotion that the FCK platform and the games could attract more players to join and become members in the game-motivated ecology, so that everyone become contributor and beneficiary. As to the charity and public benefit, the expenditure will be divided into two parts. One is for the development of global blockchain technology, such as supporting the industrial summits, conferences, and developing media, education etc. Another is social charity works, like supporting the poor, environment protection, animal preservation, public welfare donation etc. Details of the expenditures will be published each year on our website.