The Happy Croud at Fuckup Nights Copenhagen’s February 2017 Edition

Fuckup Nights Copenhagen - where stories of business failures are celebrated

Since we strongly believe in celebrating and sharing your biggest business failures we’ve decided to bring those stories told live on stage by our kickass speakers to our online followers.

Have you been to our events before? Read to refresh your memory. Haven’t you? Take a sneak peek and stay tuned for future events.

What is Fuckup Nights?
No. It’s not fucked up nights. In short, Fuckup Nights is a global movement that started in Mexico in 2012 where the biggest business failures are shared publically in 200 countries all over the world. The format is simple: 
3 speakers | 10 minutes | 1 Epic Fuckup Story followed by a Q&A session

Fuckup Nights Copenhagen 2016 Highlights 
2016 was a great year for Fuckup Nights Copenhagen. We have had some amazing lineup of speakers on stage sharing stories about their biggest business failures fearlessly and authentically. Due to the huge interest in the Fuckup Nights’ concept we co-organised an event together with Copenhagen Tech Festival 2016 — a festival that had more than 44+ events with over 11,000+ attending guests all over Copenhagen all of September.

Shark Tank, Chris Sacca, sharing his billion dollar Fuckup on stage

Cristina Gavrila introducing Fuckup Nights Copenhagen & Shark Tank, Chris Sacca sharing his fuckups

On November 29, 2016 we were invited to speak about Fuckup Nights Copenhagen on #CPHFTW’s legendary Townhall #10 stage where 700+ tech entrepreneurs participated. In true Fuckup Nights essence the one and only, Chris Sacca — a self made billionaire, early investor in Twitter, Uber and Instagram shared his billion dollar fuckup live on stage. Sacca talked about how he was one of the first people to hear Airbnb’s pitch and that he didn’t believe in their idea. In Sacca’s own words he turned them down by saying “I think what you’re building is really really dangerous. As a favour I’m just telling you guys I think somebody is going to stay at somebody else’s house and will be raped or murdered and their blood is going to be on your hands. I know a lot of people looked at it [Airbnb] that way but that particular sentence cost me $4 billion.”

Now, that is a big fuckup! Sacca’s lessons learned from that particular moment are to always follow your intuition and gut feeling.

Fuckup Nights Copenhagen’s 2017 Kickoff Event
On February 9th we kicked off our first Fuckup Nights Copenhagen edition for 2017 with an exclusive lineup of speakers. There were fuckup stories that were addressing the challenges in an established startup i.e. fighting lawsuits as well as personal fuckups that were too embarrassing to share. In other words there wasn’t a dull moment at the event when our kick-ass speakers proudly and bravely shared their failures.

A Sneak Peek Into Fuckup Nights Copenhagen’s February 2017 Edition

Speaker 1: Nikolaj Køster, VP of Commercial at Spiri and Founder of Drivr

Nikolaj Køster, VP of Commercial at Spiri and Founder of Drivr

Nikolaj shared some of his entrepreneurial fuckups and lessons learned from his first startup Drivr — a technology platform that allows taxi and car operators to deploy on-demand mobility services. Besides the regular taxi and private driver service, Drivr also offered passengers to order and ride in the supercar Tesla Model S through the app. The Drivr team were met with a lot of challenges as they launched in Copenhagen and later Aarhus. For instance, they were sued for using the word “Taxa” in their online advertising campaign, received death threats from other taxi companies, etc.

After a while Nikolaj and the team decided to aim for the moon instead to solve a bigger problem and this is how Spiri was born. Spiri is on a quest to revolutionise urban transportation with their on-demand carpooling service and a custom-made electric vehicle.

Speaker 2: Anders Laustsen, Founder and CEO at Famly

Anders Laustsen, Founder and CEO at Famly

Anders left his well paid job in Mœrsk, to start his own company in Mumbai, India. The idea was to build a social network for night life in India, ( It was launched back in 2006 at the same time as Facebook entered India. The company never really took off due to various fuckups.

Firstly, the fuckup was that too much time was spent on building, building, building and launching. The lessons learned have been to just sketch, share and MVP. Secondly, not considering investors was another fuckup and the better way is definitely to find the right angels early on. Thirdly, not knowing when to pivot and giving up on the idea. This is an important step as it is necessary to stop, think and adjust the original idea. Fourthly, underestimating the importance of finding good team players in your startup. Therefore, it is important to start dating early to find good people joining your team. Lastly, you will keep making mistakes but most importantly you have to learn from them.

Although the company never really took off, the lessons learned were essential and implemented when Famly was founded.

Speaker 3: Alexander Main, Founder and Creative Director of Main and Partners

Alexander Main, Founder and Creative Director of Main and Partners

Alexander shared some of his greatest fuckups and the lessons learned. At an early age he decided to move to Portland to realise his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Due to the high rent prices in Portland he decided to build a mobile home in the back of his bike, The Bike RV Project, to help the homeless in Portland. That was a big fuckup since he ended up being homeless himself. Moreover, together with his partner he co-founded the Air Bottle aka The Magic Bottle, a bottle that had a smart design with hidden magnets, was allegedly “magical” because it could stick to metallic surfaces and people owning the bottle could show off they had one. The problem was the users didn’t need it and it was only solving first world problems.

Despite the many failures, Alexander never stopped dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur. His strongest message to the inspired crowd was to not try and solve first world problems, as our time on this planet is limited. Instead, focus on real problems that we are facing today. With his newly established company, Main and Partners — an innovation driven visualisation studio, he got the chance to go to California and be part of the MIT Hyperloop programme where he got to shake hands with his biggest role model, Elon Musk.

Fuckup Nights Copenhagen is Searching for More Dedicated Volunteers
With more than 150+ attendees at our events we are really excited to keep working hard and dedicated to bring more exclusive speakers on the Fuckup Nights Copenhagen stage. Our mission for 2017 is to create a culture shift around embracing business failures as well as motivating people to realise their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

To do so, we are looking for more volunteers to help us create bigger and better events. If you are passionate about our mission then you are what we are looking for. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by writing us an e-mail to:

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