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Connecting dots

Today I woke up questioning the things that may or may not affect a line drawn, in this case, destiny, how a line can join or separate two points.

I am very much into asking questions, rather than talking, so I will start asking and questioning as I move forward.

For me, destiny is a line that can connect two dots or separate them, that’s why I have drawn them like this, to visually understand the effect of destiny between two points. …

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At the beginning of the year I took a break, I had left my blog a bit abandoned, but these last three months I lived an experience that has impacted me a lot and I want to share it :-)

Last March I joined FDSA after a well-deserved professional break, FDSA is a Mallorcan programming company, and I agreed to join them in a three-month project to help them, specifically in the commercial and business area, giving support to their CEO, and, at present, the company is immersed in an expansion plan, in fact, while I write this post they are looking for new offices. …

A hierarchical organization it’s not essentially a dictatorship, it can be participative and agile too.

Doesn’t matter if the organization runs on hierarchies or holacracy, information that’s not verified contributes to reinforce disorder, and the human natural order is to tend to disorder. Order is important, either if it is your desk or in the hierarchy.

Imagine that a sergeant tells a subordinate to go to his corporal and ask for 200 rations of food for the mission, and instead of following the instruction, the subordinate addresses the General who gives a different order (counterorder), in this case, the General tells him that 120 rations are enough. …


Francisco Cobos 🐢

Passioned by the learning process, always with positivity, half a philosopher, hungry for challenges, determined and avid about change and all its advantages 🤘

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