“Mavens” are the ones who help solving other people’s problems, with the Knowledge, social skills, and ability to communicate.

Photo: Ryan McGuire

The Law of the Few (The Tipping Point — How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference) There are three groups of people that are special for their incredible abilities to communicate, teach, and persuade. The Connectors, the Mavens and the salesmen.

-Connectors are the ones with the social network, their role is to spread ideas, they’re curious and sociable, the equivalent of a computer network hub. They are people who “link us up with the world.

-The Mavens have the social circle and the vast knowledge, and they want to share it. Mavens share their knowledge but more significantly they feel the need to learn more about the subject. Mavens effectiveness is granted through their knowledge, social and communication skills. Mavens advice is what makes connectors spread ideas easily, they are the ones who help solving other people’s problems.

-Here come the salesmen, the “persuaders”. The most distinctive difference between a Maven and a Salesman is that a Maven feels the need and do things just for the simple pleasure of learning and helping others while a salesman does it just to get paid.

The Law of a Few clearly states and define three groups. Are you a Connector, a Maven or a Salesman?

Francisco Cobos 🐢

Poc a Poc (Little by Little)

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