What does it take to be a great coach, background…communication skills?

Photo: Ryan McGuire

I would like to start this post with some of the words from the tennis legend Nick Bollettieri during a Showtime video interview (Love Means Zero).

Interviewer: — “But…you were a controversial coach”.

Nick: — “Had to be, because, I came from no background, they said I couldn’t do it, I did things nobody even thought I could do…If I didn’t break those rules, I don’t think that tennis will be what it is today.

Look who came to the academy: Agassi, Seles, Courier, Krickstein, Arias, Mary Pierce…Come on, let’s keep going baby…my Serena, my Venus, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Tommy Haas…I think if we take all the students to attend the academy, I think there’s about 182 Grand Slam titles, baby, what have to tell you about it, just look at the records…

I don’t know half of what most coaches know in the world about pronation, turning your heads and shoulders, the dynamics of the stroke, centrifugal force, I don’t know…shit, I don’t know anything about that. All I know is, I want to be a winner and with winners.”

“Only a few, determined individuals possess the resolve and focus to become the best at anything; and I wanted to be one of them.” ― Nick Bollettieri

I was lucky to be training in Nick’s academy in the early eighties, I had great coaches there, such as Gabe Jaramillo. It was one of the best experiences in my whole life.

Nick has a great power to communicate his message. But, what do you really need to make people go the extra mile, to grow, to make them better?

Francisco Cobos 🐢

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