You cannot become a leader just because you planned to, the team is the one who rise you to the leader position

“Leader means: exemplary, ethics, principles”

The most respected generals are the ones who fight alongside his soldiers, not the ones who win more battles.

“You must be a role model”

Being a role model doesn’t mean you cannot make mistakes. A role model basically means to be coherent, measuring team performance as you will measure yours, exemplary. Simple.

A leader must spread calm thru difficult times and must neutralize team member’s uncertainties. The leader must prove great natural motivation and communication skills.

Autonoetic consciousness is a very important asset, and it’s very helpful for coherency. Wikipedia describes Autonoetic consciousness as: “the human ability to mentally place ourselves in the past, in the future, or in counterfactual situations, and to thus be able to examine our own thoughts.”

“Surround yourself with people who think different than you”

When you’re surrounded by different people you increase team’s problem-solving capacity. Different approaches from different individuals gives you a wide range of options when you’re looking for answers.

“Your credibility is a key that’ll open doors”

Values such as honesty and honorability are vital. Be exemplary, admirable and irreproachable.

“Leaders make you feel safe, supported and sheltered”
Exemplarity and ethics are some of leader’s true standards.

Every team member must be a believer, but the leader should be the most devoted believer of them all.

With constructive supervision, leaders must delegate and trust teams sufficiently, that’s the only way to reach self-organized teams.

“Leading is not just about telling, it’s about listening”

Your team must be able to give their opinions, thoughts and even express their feelings with no remorse or guiltiness. If you don’t listen, soon you’ll be surrounded by silent people, and that’s the worst can happen.

Be positive-listener you might be facing a great improvement opportunity just by listening.

To conclude, what really defines you as a person, is not what happens when somebody is watching you, the most important is what happens when nobody is watching you.

For me, values, principles, exemplarity and ethics are some of leader’s true standards.

Francisco Cobos 🐢

“Poc a Poc” (Little by Little)

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