Starting a career at 16 is easier than ever

When people first meet Hope Schmeiser, they don’t think that she’s a businesswoman with a strong online presence and large following — we’re talking 40,000 subscribers on YouTube and 20,000 followers on Instagram. But at age 18 Hope has created her own career and says she’s earned over $10,000 from it.

“It’s super cool that I’ve had the opportunities that I’ve had,” Hope said. “If I wasn’t a youtuber I know my life wouldn’t be the same.”

Hope is a vlogger, which means that she uploads video blogs about whatever she chooses, which happen to be fashion and beauty most of the time. Hope’s career isn’t unnatural in the new digital age. Now more than ever it’s more likely for people to start posting videos without having to buy a professional camera or lighting.

“[Being a youtuber] has become a career for me,” Hope said. “It’s what’s helping me pay for college.”

According to a study done by Ad Age, the top beauty vloggers can make up to $54,000 a month for their videos. Multiply that by 12 and vlogging is a higher salary than most careers you need a college degree to do.

But vlogging is about more than just the money, it’s a creative outlet for people to pursue their passions with.

“The most rewarding thing is knowing that I’m inspiring people through my videos,” Hope said.

Vlogging has given Hope an online following, and with a following comes opportunity. Tyler Oakley, a YouTube sensation with over 8 million subscribers, has been given his own segment on Ellen Degeneres’ website, where he interviews and plays games with stars that were on Ellen that day.

Beauty vloggers such as MannyMUA and NikkieTutorials are likely to collaborate with huge makeup brands, either creating their own products with the brand or acting as a spokesperson for its newest products.

Bethany Mota, known as Macbarbie07 on Youtube, was on Dancing With The Stars in 2014 and has created multiple clothing collections for Aeropostale.

Many vloggers have also been given book deals for both fiction and nonfiction due to the mass following they’re able to gather. The opportunities vloggers have in 2016 are about the same as movie stars and pop singers have, but with a completely different background.

“Being a youtuber has changed my life,” Hope said. “I never thought that I would be where I am at 18 but I have my fans to thank for that.”

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