A short reminder

“Love someone who is kinder to you than you are to yourself.”
— Nikita Gill

We all remember that uncle/aunty we had when we were younger, that one you see only once a year and when you do they always seem like the coolest person in the world? I am pretty sure you have sometimes wished they were your parents instead.

I mean, how can they do any wrong. Your parents are the imperfect ones, always nagging, wanting you to be a better person, being on your case 24/7, dealing with your bullshit, feeding you, supporting you and most of the time just being a general pain in the ass.

But, has it ever occurred to you that the reason why uncle Derp/aunty Derpina seem like the coolest person in the world is because they don’t have to deal with you. You are a one time thing, not their responsibility.

Same goes for the side-dude/chick, they don’t have to deal with you. They are a source of momentary amusement. They are generally not the ones to help you through terrible nights, not the ones to deal with you whining, not the ones to offer solutions to your problems, not the ones who are a pain in the ass. You might tend to thinks things would be better with them than with your other half but trust me when I say it won’t, it is a circle.

If you dump your better half for a fling, I am not saying you shouldn’t, just know that it is all going to be a replay of what you just dumped, that is if you are lucky, otherwise, it’d be worse off. It is rarely better.

The choice is yours really, depends on how much of an ass your current spouse is.