[Updated] All of you are mad and have no one to tell you.

[I updated to add the meme above. Come on! The man’s a legend.]

In fact, ashiwere ni most of you.

I wrote an article two years ago : https://medium.com/@fdamilola/tech-419-and-nigerians-7078a37852c2

A few days ago, the Internet was on fire with news of a kidnapper and murderer (yes, he’s a murderer too), being arrested and media shamed by the Nigerian police. It was a moment of triumph for me, I was a bit ecstatic but not too much because this is Nigeria.

Something interesting happened on Twitter that day and some people actually started a #FreeEvans hashtag and argued that this murderer be given a second chance. In my mind, I went “Aiye mi, temi bami. Kini gbogbo rada rada yii?”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, a human being, flesh and blood and an alleged Christian if you’ll go by the ideology being pushed by the tweeters, actually asked that people give such a criminal infused man a second chance. I was glad when Nigerians spoke vehemently against it.

A couple of days back, Falz, a popular Nigerian artist, made an admonition in an interview telling his fellow artists to stop glorifying criminal behavior in their songs else impressionable younglings might think it’s a normal thing to be a fraudster. Now, prior to all these, another Nigerian artist was accused of credit card fraud and Nigerians actually asked that he be pardoned because he was a “kid”, he was over 20.

“This is very sensible”, a sensible person might think, right? Don’t hold your breath, now read the tweets below

Apparently, the interview got to the fraudsters and their sympathizers. Tweet hell broke loose with people justifying criminal activities from every nook and corner, I was “shook”.

E ja ka pause for a second. I need to know, are you people so bereft of any modicum of respect for yourself, your family members, your country and your mind that you would defend something so disgusting in its existence and ideology down to the point of even attacking those who speak against it?

Nigeria is probably one of the most religious countries in the world.

Oloriburuku, akoshi bero ni gbogbo yin and here’s why…..

Hi, we haven’t met but my name is Dami and I am a software engineer, developer etc but not an internet fraudster, yahoo boy or “shashe” incarnate.

You see, my life is a way more complicated than it should be and this is because of those cretins they call “Internet fraudsters, Yahoo boys, wire wire”.

“Ahn ahn, what did they do to you?”, a retarded person asks.


1. They have succeeded in making one of the greatest inventions of the century a symbol for Internet crime. A simple person like myself would definitely get accosted by the police and quizzed over why I have “white people” on my contacts and eventually be asked for a bribe.

2. They are mad. Lazy and greedy unintelligible sons and daughters of perdition, my father would say. They claim it’s because there isn’t any “work” which is funny because I see young people actually working and being useful in the community. The only thing these criminals are known for is being a nuisance to everybody around them

3. They keep worsening the image of the country. The black skin is synonymous with being lazy already, add that you’re Nigerian and people guard their credit cards around you.

4. Do I even need to continue? If at this point, you don’t see what I am trying to say, you probably shouldn’t be reading this article.

At this point, we should be discussing solutions and how to round them up and feed them to T-Rexes. But your people have decided to defend them and we still wonder why we have criminals in Government?

If we keep allowing these people go scot-free and not do something about it, we’re digging a hole so deep we won’t be able to drag ourselves out of.

Ask @SegunFamisa about his experiences, in fact, ask any software dev you know how much this thing is an inconvenience. Guys get threatened by Police officers every other day because we use and own devices they believe people shouldn’t be able to purchase except they are criminals but today isn’t about the Nigerian police, those ones are on another level of uselessness but that’s by the way and not a discussion for today.

Conclusively, were ni gbogbo yin and you have no one to tell you. Awon oloriburuku akoshi ba ero.

Nigeria has become the SI unit of fraud and being untrustworthy.

P.S: Brymo’s songs won’t let me even be angry.

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