So, you don’t want to write code?

There are a lot of things you can do if you are interested in tech and don’t want to write code everyday like some of us.

Here are a few

  1. You can be a Project Manager. Believe me, a lot of them can’t code but we still love them, why? Interacting with clients can be a pain in the ass, clients can be quite unreasonable most times and there has to be a buffer between the engineering team and the clients otherwise, plenty fight. I personally appreciate PMs and try to make their work as easy as possible.
  2. You can be a Quality Assurance tester. As usual, since engineers like fighting everybody, Q.A guys make sure whatever we build stands the test of time, ask yourself, when was the last time your twitter app crashed? Yup, you have Q.A to thank for that not the engineers. [You might need to learn a bit of code, not as much as an average engineer but enough to automate your process sometimes]
  3. You can be a Business Developer. The problem with creatives and people who generally build stuff is they suck at business. I can’t sell a product to save my life. I can tell you why I think you should consider it but anything outside of that, I don’t know what to tell you again. Business Developers make sure we don’t all starve by working business models around seemingly abstract ideas. I always say coding is the easiest part of this stuff. [MBAs and sturvs]
  4. You can be a Tech Lawyer. I kid you not, law in tech is very very stressful as left to engineers, we usually have no problem borrowing ideas and concepts in the name of open source, sometimes we do too much and need our lawyers to save our asses. Reading technical documents is something that will tire you as an engineer, lawyers can save your ass.
  5. Design!! 😍 . These guys are the best because you know what drives them is similar to you, creating stuff. Designers and Engineers don’t fight as much as the others so much love between them. 💞 Design also has a lot of sub-options. You can do pure graphics, art or even just high fidelity mockups for platforms. The beauty of it is that it’s pluggable and probably there are a lot of free tools you can use. I can’t design anything beyond basic views but give me a solid designer and we will build you some crazy stuff.
  6. Technical Writer. Please save us from automated tools for generating docs and stuff. 😭
  7. Artisans and Sellers too can be useful. You want your team focused on work and that way, if you can afford it, having someone on standby who can fix faulty equipments and even perform deliveries will save the team a lot of stress and you can keep churning out top-notch products.
  8. Health practitioners have a role here. A number of CEOs need therapy, that job is hard, and would gladly pay if they can find reliable service. I know I would like a personal doctor who understood me and the likes.
  9. Personal Finance Managers.
  10. HR 🙄

I can’t think of everything so please drop comments and stuff.

Peace ✌🏾

P.S: I added HR because no one likes HR. No one likes HR. HR, no one likes you. We dun like you. They stress us a lot but they are very crucial to the team too. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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