[Updated] Nigerian startups and other unsolicited opinions

The tech ecosystem in Nigeria has been quite fascinating of late. I kept out of it for years for a few personal reasons, I like to focus and it was a case of going underground like `El Chapo` just to move things without the headache involved with dealing with the ecosystem.

I wrote the thoughts below a month or so ago, I found them somewhere deep in my archive and decided to share.

If the shoe fits, lace it, drink water and consider how to fix up. No one hates you, we just want you to be fair and your best self is all.

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Startups are by their very nature demanding. It’s like trying to baby sit a 1 year old. That, however, doesn’t mean they have to be the death of you as a software engineer.

Past few months have been quite packed with work and school. Super stressed but having fun. 😊

Now, let me serialize my thoughts.

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Context: This was in February or March? Not sure, days are fuzzy to me these days. I think in hours.

I woke up this morning and felt like cleaning my apartment. It’s been a while since I’ve done any deep cleaning like that, so I sent a message on slack telling the team that I might be unavailable for standup that morning as I wanted to clean my apartment.

I wasn’t really available until 13:00pm after which I checked in on Ronkizzle and got a couple of tickets that she loves so much to dispense. 😂

It’s 01:15am now and I just moved half a dozen tickets and released a staging environment build for testing.


Over the past two years I have been very selective of where I work, who I work with and what I work on. This selective nature was born out of a desire not to die young, the desire to build apps people actually use and wanting to develop a network of reliable colleagues.

I opted for C&C and haven’t looked back, not because I don’t get job offers. I get those very often, very very often. I just deleted a couple in fact. 😂 I see C&C as my tech home.

My girlfriend once asked me why it seemed no one ever wanted to leave C&C. The answer is quite obvious, the place is dope and the people are reliable. There are not too many companies that will allow as much freedom and trust for their employees as C&C does. I work full time and also pursue my MSc in software engineering full-time.

Dear young and hip startup founder,
Reliable software engineers don’t have to work like beasts of burden just so you can claim to have “committed” people. Software engineers don’t have to show up 8am to 5pm at the office everyday. It is repetitive, boring and unneeded.
You should learn to consult with your engineers before striking deals and giving ridiculous time frames. Your engineers can and will leave if you make them feel frustrated enough to.
Hire people you know will deliver regardless of circumstance then make their life so easy that they always deliver.

The recent outrage on twitter made me decide to share my thoughts and experience on the matter. I have worked with a range of companies.

C&C is the best so far and I plan to make sure it stays top notch if I can help it. ✌️✌️

P.S: When was the last time you were able to send your boss a message on slack at 2:00am about an experiment you’re running and ask for candid opinions? Well, I do that quite often. 😊 Yeah Yeah, we have a very small team.

P.S P.S: Cleaning your apartment first thing in the morning? Exhilarating!! 🤗

The End

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We really need to fix up as an ecosystem before we go to the dogs. Your startup will outsource to India and likely regret it at the end of the day because you just don’t want to learn basic etiquette when dealing with your engineering team. CEO thine might be but infallible thine are not, everyone makes mistakes, fix up.

I heard a few top companies are losing top notch engineers because of standard and sturvs. lol. Let’s wait and see.

You want your team to love you and be happy. You want them to trust you too. If your team doesn’t like you, there’s relatively little you can accomplish in this world without headache. You can’t rush perfection or professionalism.

Update: This article is very very interesting https://qz.com/941399/indian-engineers-are-so-bad-that-hcl-technologies-wants-to-hire-high-school-graduates/

This is the same India that nigerian tech people won’t let us rest about threatening to outsource code to. Oya outsource nah.

Ile ni apoti njoko dey idi. 😂