[Updated: They’ve apologized] Nigerian “Tech” Companies

While I was preparing to write this article, Sayo, a friend and co-founder at hxl got a phone call from a company trying to recruit him. He didn’t apply for a job at the said company, in-fact he didn’t need the job. Their approach at trying to hire him was horrible.

A couple of evenings ago, while sharing a bottle of whiskey with Kingsley Adio and a couple of other friends we got talking about how recruiters and Nigerian “tech” companies are generally disrespectful when trying to poach top engineers from their current gigs.

I have had to deal with similar stuff over the past few weeks and quite frankly, I am tired of it.

Let me explain.

When hiring software engineers, Nigerian tech companies swear they are doing you a favor, calling orders like you’re their little toy soldier. I am here to solve your problems not be your posse. I bring a lot to the table in experience and effectiveness.

“We are calling with respect to your interview application [🤔 But I didn’t apply for any] scheduled for tomorrow, we expect you to be there by 9am prompt”
  1. Don’t ever call a senior engineer who is gainfully employed for an interview he never applied for. HR people need to learn this, we really don’t want to work for you or with you, sending cold emails make it worse.
  2. I got a phone call a couple of weeks back about a company wanting to hire a senior android engineer, It’s important to note that they reached out to me, not the other way round. They claimed they’d seen my work on linkedin and were impressed. I have over 5 years experience writing apps for the Android platform and writing software generally within different industries. Below is the summary of the job description.

Now, the job description was not the issue, the issue was this:

I just got feedback from the client and they don’t feel you have the experience level required to fill a Senior Engineer role.

Wait, what does that mean? I don’t have the experience level required to fill a Senior Android Engineer Role. Hmmmmmmm. Interesting. It’s obvious to any engineer that I easily trumped every requirement on that job description, So tell me something else not that I don’t have the experience level to fill a Senior Engineer role for a job I didn’t ask you for.

I have a Senior/Lead Engineer role at places I work at for the love of zeus! I actively mentor newer software engineers. If I didn’t have the experience level, other companies wouldn’t try to recruit me. Let’s all just pause and learn to respect each other.

Maybe it’s a function of age, even so, fuck you still.

What flagrant disrespect. If you told me 3 years ago that I didn’t have the experience to fill a SSE position, I wouldn’t argue much. Now? Please put some respeck on it, it’s not too much to ask. Approach with sense. Just to be clear, this company is not one I will recommend any engineer worth their salt to.

If you ever wonder why your company can’t seem to find the really good engineers, it’s because they are not much, they know each other, they sort of look after each other and word travels fast. Now you see why devs don’t like HR.

Dear Nigerian “Tech” Company trying to headhunt Senior software engineers, GTFOH!!! The “S” is in uppercase for a reason, we don’t come cheap and there’s a reason for that too. Also dafuq is a skill called “string data”?

P.S: Everything written in that job description is pretty basic to a SSE. They are things I do everyday even with eyes closed (exaggeration bhet you get my point).

Update: I got an email invitation to an interview from them yesterday to come for an interview after stating that I didn’t fit the position. That irked me.

The company in question called today, I had a conversation with their HR about hiring ethics and they apologized enough to placate me. They sound like they might be doing some interesting engineering. They are not a fit for me now though. ✌🏾

Update: The Recruitment agency guy, quite mature and someone I’ll definitely like working with. Sent this. [I got his permission before posting this. I don’t want him involved, he’s a pretty cool guy.]