So I dropped out of school yesterday…
Michael C Martocci

This feels like an exercise in self-aggrandizement. Introductory courses are meant to be “basic.” Those courses exist to give students a baseline, but by no means are they a substitute for higher level instruction. To dismiss them, and more generally, college, as a “waste of time” reflects the misguided belief that your academic education had nothing left to offer. This, taken with statements like “very rarely do I find people who can keep up with the speed of my thoughts,” speaks to personal conceit and arrogance rather than wisdom. Your professors and peers have a collective knowledge greater than your own, knowledge which certainly holds relevance to your entrepreneurial pursuits. Choosing to feel superior to these people, who you think cannot “keep up,” paradoxically precludes you from the opportunities to learn from this collective knowledge source.

Learning is not restricted to a classroom, nor does it end once you leave a college campus. Learning ends only when you allow yourself to adopt egotism in place of humility.

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