Clubhouse blew up within VC circles a few weeks ago. Invite-only and with reportedly only 5,000 users, it is already being hyped as the next Twitter or Snapchat.

On trend and on theme, Clubhouse leverages the last unused social channel (voice) at a time when people are tired of seeing…

Your staff members are working from home and you’re adapting to running your business in distributed mode. You need new leaders around you like never before. Here’s some thoughts on how you can enable that.

Most of your startup team members will fall into the camp of individual contributors, especially…

Entrepreneurs would be forgiven to be confused by the mixed messages they are getting right from the venture world, with emphatic declarations of “we are open for business” combined with fast evaporating meeting schedules.

The answer of course is, it depends.

Any VC with a fresh pool of capital will…

When you start a company, life’s hard but it’s also, in some ways, easy. Small teams running hard to get a product to market, seamless communications, real-time feedback loops.

As companies grow, complexity increases. As you hire more people, you’re changing the DNA of your company in subtle ways as…

Fred Destin

Helping startups grow with money and mentoring to the sounds of Crystal Castles

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