To the entitled jerk on my flight at 2:00 AM
Mirah Curzer

I once had a boss who had been raised in a cultural environment (not North American) that made him into an entitled non-white asshole. He was condescending and often rude to anyone whose worth or status he felt was beneath him, particularly bellhops, service desk staff, waiters, bartenders, sommeliers, housekeeping staff, etc. I despised every minute I spent with him and it created a level of stress that, even after I left the company, took me months to overcome.

Your senses will become quite sensitized to such a-holes when you are in an altered state. I remember shrooming a few years ago, sitting by myself in a cafe perusing an illustrated book quietly. Suddenly my serene yet altered state was shattered by the arrival of 2 couples who sat nearby. Their loud comments and asinine behaviour raised the hackles along my spine and I could not wait to create as much space between them and myself. I ended up wandering into a quiet art gallery next door where I spent probably the best 60 minutes ever.

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