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Why are you even writing an article about Cudi when you so clearly don’t understand his influence? Do you think Kanye just magically transitioned from Graduation to 808’s? Where from do you suppose that shift in musical style derived? Also, as a Cudi admirer from Day 1, I would be remiss to say that I know a single Cudi fan that still wears Jordan’s.

You’re piling onto an already consensus view that Cudi’s projects post-MOTM are a failure. You are wrong, my friend. Are they popular? No. But neither was a lot of what David Bowie was doing back when he was in the thick of his artistic excellence.

Your words seem negative and hurtful. Let this man be who he is and let us applaud an artist for actually taking the risk to do something out of the box, rather falling into the same radio-format bullshit, money-hungry, cheap music that most people consume and applaud. Like it or not, Cudi is a special gift to the arts world and this article reads as if you’re kicking a man while he’s down. Two thumbs down.

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