Why You Should Become a Startup Founder As Student

Three reasons for starting your own startup in a dorm

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We need more student founders in Germany.

Here’s why:

The Campus Playground

At the beginning of my studies, I didn’t value something that turned out to be a core benefit of studying in general: the freedom of managing your own time. As a student, I had mornings when I woke up and planned my day a minute after the alarm went off. I thought about what I wanted to do and how I would enjoy the day. I also thought about my long-term goals, but my few responsibilities gave me the flexibility to plan almost without constraints.

As a student you don’t know much about limits

Let’s face it: new grads without practical experiences are pretty much useless. It takes several years of work to be able to fully contribute as a professional. That’s why companies are consistently looking for young, aspiring talent with 3–5 years of experience.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

The worst case might be not so bad

Step back from the idea of becoming an entrepreneur for a minute and follow my thought here: imagine yourself as a hiring manager. Your company is a well-known global player and receives a high amount of applicants every day. It’s your job to filter the best talent and find the innovators who will drive the future success of your firm.

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Co-Founder of UXQD, Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineer at Beekeeper AG, Ambassador at First Momentum Ventures

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