Ain’t Trying to Scare You But...

Just some hard learned advice

I was speaking to someone this week and as people of a certain age do, we were trying to “out sick each other.” It's a Southern thing where you try to “out poor someone” except it's to see who's sicker, not who's broker. Anyway, they mentioned how seeing me laid up in a hospital had inspired them to take better care of themselves. For a minute I didn't know rather to be impressed or pissed off, at the fact that my stupidity was their inspiration. But I'll take a compliment where I can and go from there.

Through the grapevine (otherwise know as social media), I got word a relative got injured. When asked rather they had gone to the doctor, the response I saw was, “you know them”. Well to a point I get the caveman mentality, I mean I suffer from it even today. But the thing is “pride cometh before the fall”. And if I had waited any longer, frankly you'd be talking to a tombstone right now. Now I'm not saying their injury is life threatening, but still little things can snowball. And if money is the situation, I'll let you talk to my doctor or the hospital, I owe them more money than the government. But at least I know I'm putting someone's kids through college. And more importantly, I'm watching my granddaughter grow. Remember all my kids have are pictures of their Grandpa.

I ain’t trying to scare anyone but, life has no guarantees, I mean I had only spoken to my parents just days before their deaths. So quit being so damn stupid and take care of yourself. It doesn’t make you weak, my damaged left ventricle does that enough for all of us. What it does is mean is you want to see you sons and daughters grow up and make more little you’s. So be the partner God intended and the spouse you promised to be and take care of you.

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