Damaged Goods

When I stocked groceries, the store would allow the employees to keep dented cans. It was the stores mindset that severely dented cans would never sell, so why not write them off and just give them away. A lot of us walk through life feeling like we are nothing then damaged goods. Used and abused by those with no compassion, the damaged among us go through life believing they are unworthy, unwanted, and unloved. For those of you that feel that way, let me tell you, you are worthy of love. Just like those dented cans from work, the outside might be a little battered and bruised. But what's inside is just as good and just as valuable as any perfect can on the shelf.

I realize it may sound a bit silly to use a dented can as an analogy to a very real situation, but hear me out. For a really long time no matter the talents I may possess, I never felt I was good enough to use them. That whatever praise I may have received, was only a token gesture from those that pitied e at the moment. It wasn't until I started attending school online that I realized that without the excuse of my poor self-image my classmates really counted on me and prized my participation. That over the course of the next several years, I gained a reputation as a leader and organizer among my peers. All without the benefit of looking the part.

My point here is two-fold, first don't judge the value of your worth by the package. Second, no one is without value, meaning those cans may have gotten written off as worthless. But because their contents they still provided nourishment to me and my family. So never count yourself out, and never allow anyone to tell you you're worthless, especially yourself.