Diary of a Madman?

Confessions a smarter person may not have confessed?

Well as I have mentioned more times then I care to count, stress and anxiety always find ways to seek up on me. This time it has a bit of a valid reason in part due to the family being sick this week. During this time I haven’t felt too good myself, which in turn fires up the anxiety that lives within me. 
 So I’ve been waking up at night with my chest pounding feeling pretty anxious. This morning was no different; it took a while to finally calm down so I could begin the day. My mind was racing all over the place, thinking about the book, a vacation we are planned, and whatever other situation my anxious mind could throw at me. 
 My first though was to ditch whatever plans I had and focus on calming down. Then I reminded myself that there have been so many days like this in the past. Where I’d stress out about a situation only to realize what I was stressing about wasn’t worth the time I spent worrying. But since I began typing it’s crossed my mind that I should breathe deeply, consider my options, and not to panic… too much. 
 It would be so easy to just hide my head under the covers. But for whatever reason, there’s some insane spark in me that refuses to give in (let’s call it “the crazy”). Seriously, I think it comes from the fact that at one time things were “normal”, and that what’s going on now this isn’t normal. So for the moment I’ll just sit here and chill (which by the way isn’t hard to do in February) and take a critical look at what needs to be done.

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