Never a Straight Line

Exculsively for Medium

Image by: FD Thornton ©2017

Life is never a straight line, it twists and turns, never going in a linear path. It’s like walking through the woods blind with no direction home. I started my journey so sure of my course. Now I stand bewildered unsure and afraid. Hesitant about which turn I should take. My only guide was the sun hidden by clouds of despair and the trees planted by my indecision and misguided faith. This and much more distorting my vision for finding the surest way home.

So I continued in an endless circle, hacking my way through the under growth, only to find myself where I had started. Then I’d change course and go in another direction. But along the way I got smarter and started making my trails. To guide myself and maybe others who find themselves passing this way. What I discovered was after a while, I created well worn paths that lead to various places of relief. Offering places me places to rest during the long journey home.

While at the moment my journey’s not complete, at least the skies a little clearer, and the path’s a little easier to find. So as I press on to reach my journey’s end. I hope the my marks I leave are true. For the next Traveler who needs them to find their way home.