Suprise Me

Words & Image: FD Thornton © 2017

Wakened by dreams of the shore, I clear the fog from my mind to read your words. If anything you surprise me with your frankness and honestly. It’s a refreshing quality I seldom see anymore. In a world so focused on absolutes, to be able to tread that line between where I am and where I want to be. Gives me joy and escape.

One would think guilt and shame would be part of our existence. But I feel no shame, no fear of dread. Only peace and joy in knowing my faith has been rewarded in return. Two damaged souls clanging to the hope that there was another still thinking of them. With a fire that at times was reduced to a single ember, only to ignite once again.

You’d think by now we would have faded into each other’s memories. Instead at critical moments we embrace each other’s thoughts and dreams, two parts of a whole never to part. Deeper than passion, we push the threshold of what we see, to where we are. Two souls so intertwined, one doesn’t exist without the other.

So continue to surprise me, continue to take my breath. Don’t be afraid to reveal to me what hides within your soul. Deeper than mere passion, stronger than physical love. The ties that bind us are ours forever.