When Spring Gives Way

Image by: FD Thornton ©2017

When Spring heats up and gives way to Summer, my mind often drifts back in time. To those hot lazy days along the river, where life was so much simpler and the world wasn’t so small. As kids we thought our lives were so complicated, but in retrospect? With obligations to meet and deadlines that are due; what I wouldn’t give for a weekend, swatting sand gnats and shooting the breeze. Watching the sun set across the water as the fish jumped and the Gators moaned.

The river wasn’t my home, but I was invited there with open arms. Becoming part of a gang of misfits that when necessary knew ever washboard patch and that narrow dip before driving up to the cabins. To find comfort and maybe a cup of coffee, among the scrub oaks and spanish moss that hung from ever tree.

Most of the cabins are gone and all’s that’s left are the ghosts that haunt my mind. Sadly we can’t turn back time, but new memories can be made. New friendships can be forged and old ones rekindled, on the bluff where I spent my days. Dreaming of nothing but the river flowing as the moments passed away.