Dr. Scott Behson’s Paper was Awarded Best Experiential Learning Exercise at the EAM Conference 2023

FDU Silberman Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor Behson with other faculty in attendance at the conference

Scott Behson won the award for Best Experiential Learning Exercise at the 60th Annual Eastern Academy of Management conference this past May. His exercise, entitled, “What’s in your invisible backpack? An exercise to help us better understand, empathize with, and make recommendations for alleviating employee stressors.” This exercise, which he uses in his MGMT 2600 and MGMT 3700 classes, helps students identify stressors in their own and others’ lives, helping them to develop empathy skills. Then, the exercise helps them think about workplace stressors and the challenges a variety of employees face. With an understanding of others’ challenges, they can help to develop ways to help themselves and others succeed at work and in other areas of life.

Professors Behson, Jones, Harmon, and Mercer, as well as adjunct faculty members Bennett, Russo, and O’Donnell, all participated in this conference, which explored innovations in both management research and teaching.



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