Your Small Business needs only a $1/day in Facebook Ads

Every small business in Nigeria needs to reach its largest niche audience without spending excessively on ads. This is quite reasonable and having experimented for a while with Facebook Ads─ $1/day specifically─ and getting desired results, I recommend it for small businesses to adopt for their digital marketing campaigns.

However, this does not suggest that a $1/day in Facebook ads is the be-all end-all for every successful marketing campaign; you’d need to factor in crucial components like audience segmentation and targeting. Although, $1 isn’t a lot of money, getting the most out of it for your small business should be your objective.

For small business owners in Nigeria who do not have a fat marketing war-chest or are doubtful of Facebook ads, a $1/day is the best way to start. It is quite easy to start small, measure and use feedback to further optimize. Every digital marketer worth his salt knows just how vital testing and digging into analytics to measure is for marketing campaigns.

I recently concluded a $1 for 14 days Facebook ad and discovered relevancy is of utmost importance. Making sure your ad is relevant to your target audience is key. Focus on the precise audience you need/want to sell to from the get-go. Nothing vague or elaborate. I had a relevancy score of 7 on my ad for instance and this helped me get awesome results at the end of my campaign.

─ With good relevance, you will surely get engagement. Watching out for the relevance score will help you determine when to adjust your advert and the audience you’re targeting.

─ Cost per post engagement will become cheaper if your advert is relevant to your audience. For my promotion, it got as low as $0.03

─ I got 860 links (although the link tracker tool showed 954) and 390 new Facebook page likes while running the ad.

─ It was shared by 36 people. This means more organic (unpaid) advertising for my ad as more people I didn’t target will get to see it. Nice, isn’t it?

─ I also got 2400 reactions to the post. Cool stuff.

─ As at last count, it had 17 comments. A couple of inbox messages and numerous emails followed from the post.

This is a snapshot of the feedback from my latest test and it proves even a $1/day can get you fantastic results if you know your audience and employ shrewd targeting techniques.

I ran this campaign for the Green Institute Ondo, Nigeria.

This post was first published on Faveet blog and reworked here.

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