The sun setting, as seen from the top of Enchanted Rock.

You Should Plan a Micro-Adventure

“Gah! My ankle!” I yelled while tumbling to the ground, backpack and all. It was pitch black and I had just re-injured my ankle on the uneven surface of Enchanted Rock.

The funny thing about the injury is that I didn’t care. I had such an amazing evening watching the sun set, and then star gazing for hours, that the pain in my ankle seemed like a small price to pay for the memories I had made that evening.

The wife and sister-in-law getting ready for the climb.

This was a micro-adventure. A short, cheap, but meaningful trip that I will never forget. A group of friends and I hiked up to the top of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas (about an hour and a half from where I live) with delicious snacks and thermoses of hot drinks to watch the sunset, and then star gaze from one of the highest vantage points in this part of Texas.

The gang after reaching the top.

Why Plan A Micro-Adventure?

Here are four reasons why you should totally plan a micro-adventure today.

1. Weekends will be so much better

No more of this “go with the flow” weekend where nothing interesting happens. When you plan micro-adventures each weekend you will be planning for excitement and adventure. No more sleeping in on Saturday’s because you have nothing to look forward too.

Your weekends will no longer be a recovery from your week, but something you wait for with intense anticipation.

2. Your work week will be so much better

Work can be intense. but work after scaling a giant rock and watching the sunset and stars from that same rock is just…work.

If you’re in a creative position, mixing up your experiences and having adventures over the weekend will add to your creative fuel.

If you have a job that takes a lot of mental energy, you will come to that job blissed out on a crazy awesome experience and will able to take on any task that comes your way.

And then there’s the anticipation…

3. Your life will get better

You are being purposeful and intentional with your time. Instead of waiting for life to get interesting, you’re being proactive and MAKING life interesting. This attitude of intentionality will overflow into other areas of your life, causing your life to improve. I’ve seen this happen over and over and it’s a beautiful thing.

4. You will build community

As you start planning and going on adventures, you’ll start meeting people. People like you, who crave new experiences and are unsatisfied with a boring life.

You might even start attracting people. People who want to escape the mundane and live a life of intentionality and adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Go. Do.

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