You shouldn’t hire a software developer

Dear Disgruntled-Small Business Owners,

You’re more likely these days have some sort of a Software Developer on payroll than a lawyer. Said Software Developer in question may have generated a lot of “stuff”(e.g. a fancy website) to show for his or her efforts, and your money. However he/she never actually generated any revenue either indirectly or directly. I’m not a gambling man, but even so, I would be willing to put my house on the reason for this being that they never once thought to ask you WHY you were hiring them. You might think that as the business owner, you should be the one to be relaying that information, but quite frankly you’re probably much less capable than a Software Developer to process that information.

Software Developers are problem solvers by definition, that’s what we do all day every-day. They should be going through your business inefficiencies with a fine tooth comb and using their skill set to develop simple solutions to improve them. If not, ask them to, it’s their job.

Yours truly,

A more inquisitive developer.