The macro and the micro

Again, another post from notes I had in my handy dandy notebook. Normally I keep it real estate based, but this will be more of a business/personal related post because I believe the way you run your life is the way you run your business. There will alway be a bleeding effect.

What do I mean by the macro and the micro?

Well basically its just means short term vs long term thinking. When running a business or just trying to run your personal life do you look at the short term being more important, or the long term?

I think they are both equally important in different aspects and focusing on one extreme over the other is just plain stupid. Don’t do it.

What you do today will always impact the rest of your life.

Short term actions responds to rapidly changing environments, aka you can handle a crisis better and this creates quicker wins. The amount of investment is smaller, the flexibility is much higher, and the return of what you put into it will be quicker and easier. Its incremental.

Long term is all about building lasting success. Warren Buffet didn’t become the 3rd richest man in the world thinking about short term goals only. He was playing the long game, and playing the long game is how you win. Now with that being said, you must have many short term goals to implement the long term goal. Buying Starbucks every morning might seem like a good idea because it gives you a quick boost, but the long term goal becomes an addiction to coffee to make your morning feel more productive, as well as the lowered long term health benefits, and financial strain. It might not seem much, but 2 — 5 dollars a day for 30 days a months adds up at the end of the year, now compound that for ten years. You could of went on that vacation you always wanted.

Its difficult to have a mindset like this when we live in an age of instant gratification with technology and social media. For the most part you can log on your phone and order anything from food to sexual satisfaction. And it needs to be said that just because its available it doesn’t mean its need to be purchased right at this moment. There is no downside for splurging, as long as the concept is always in guidance towards the long term.

I want to be transformative and not incremental. I want to leave something behind for everyone I’ve ever met. And If you want that too, either for your family or business. This mindset is a must. There is not away around it. There is no short cut, there is no over night success. So stop complaining, shut up and get to work.

I’ll talk to you soon. You deserve to get what you want.