In the midst of Fearless Collective’s inaugural Crowdfunder our Development Director, Cassie Denbow, shares thoughts on the act of giving and Fearless Collective’s gifting & fundraising philosophy.

Childhood doodles by the writer (with finishing touches by our Creative Director Shilo)

At the Fearless Collective, we explore, among other things…. Fear.

Fear in public spaces,
at borders,
in homes,
and it’s hard to host conversations about the role of fear in so many physical aspects of our life, without eventually landing on an ever present facet of modern life, money.

How we make it, how we spend it, how we give it (and don’t) away.

Personally, growing up as a child in Cleveland, Ohio…

Our deepest conversations are soaked in midnight. One midnight 70 years ago cast a spell upon this land. Masses moved across a landmass leaving a trail of colour (only the white remained white, everything else was stained)

“Did you fold your hands in prayer? Or place your forehead on the ground?”- a simple question that made trains ‘spontaneously combust’, ancestral spirits be abandoned, and languages be banished.

We have been saying the same words, but let’s write them differently so we know who is who-

we say “jaan”, she writes “جان”, I write “जान”

We mean life.

جان: One midnight…

Fearless Collective

We create space to move from Fear to Love using participative art.

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